Standard Object Catalog
  • What is it?

    The Standard Object Catalog (SOC) is a free data repository of engineering models for use in STK and other AGI analysis products. It's purpose is to accelerate your analysis answers quickly by reducing or eliminating the time it takes to find data and construct models. SOC data can be browsed and downloaded directly from an installed STK or from AGI's publicly hosted STK Data Federate.
  • How to use it?

    In order to use the Standard Object Catalog, you have two options.

    1. Download the STK Object from the SOC and subsequently insert the STK Object into STK. Click on the url Standard Objects/. When prompted to login, use "anonymous" and a blank password. You're now logged in and should have the ability to browse through the different objects and download them onto your local drive .Subsequently, you should be able to insert the objects into STK (STK 9.2 or higher). You can Download and install the latest STK here.

    2. Connect to the SOC directly from within STK and insert the objects. STK Desktop has the ability to connect to the STK Data Federate and import objects directly. Connect your STK to (userid anonymous, no password). You now have the ability to browse and search the STK Data Federate. You will find the Standard Object Catalog under the Public folder.
  • Get Started!

    That's it! Continue building your scenario until it meets your needs. If you have any questions, please email our technical support or call our toll-free number at 1.800.924.7244 to speak with an expert!